SymbolGen app for OrCAD Capture sucks data out of PDF data sheets and automagically creates live schematic symbols—you save a ton of time

At the end of November, EMA Design Automation rolled out a new OrCAD app called SymbolGen. It works a bit of magic that can make any pcb drool: it “automagically” extracts data from a component data sheet (in PDF format) and creates a symbol you can use in schematic layout. It can even extract information and convert that information into symbols using PDF tables that span multiple pages. These days, when components can have hundreds of thousands of pins, automatic symbol creation not only saves a bunch of time, it greatly reduces manual translation errors. Both attributes are worth their weight in gold-pressed latinum

Want to see a video of SymbolGen in action? Click here.

SymbolGen costs $999 and is available directly from the OrCAD Capture Marketplace built into OrCAD Capture.

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