Are you good enough to present at Hot Chips 2012?

There’s one premier venue for presenting the year’s most important IC breakthroughs and that’s Hot Chips. The event takes place at Stanford University in late summer each year and it gives the most advanced IC development teams the chance to show what they’ve got. If you think you and your team will be ready for the industry’s limelight by then, it’s time to start working on your proposal for a presentation.

No finicky papers required here. Hot Chips wants the brightest, most interesting presentations. PowerPoint is the lingua franca of the fast lane.


  • General Purpose Processor Chips
  • Mobile and Embedded Devices
  • Communications and Networking
  • FPGAs and FPGA-Based Systems
  • Memory Technologies and Chipsets
  • Software for multi-Core and Heterogeneous Systems
  • Power and Thermal Management
  • Packaging and Testing
  • Display Technologies
  • On-Chip Optics & Sensors
  • Novel Computing Technologies

Got something interesting to say in there somewhere? Thought so!

Deadline for proposals is March 30, 2012.

Click here.


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