Friday Video: Spend an hour looking over the shoulder of master designer Dave Jones and get a ton of system-design tips

You are always extremely fortunate whenever you get a chance to look over the shoulder of an accomplished system-design engineer, particularly if that engineer is articulate and can guide you though the complex decision-making processes required to develop a system. Dave Jones in Australia is just such an engineer (as well as the host of the wildly popular Web site).

The following video takes an hour to watch. During this video, Dave implicitly discusses many very important board-level, system-design topics including:

  • Parametric component search
  • Component consolidation to reduce manufacturing costs
  • Tolerance and margin considerations and calculations
  • Thermal considerations and strategies for dealing with thermal issues
  • Selecting a path through different alternative design strategies
  • Microcontroller-based design considerations
  • Packaging considerations

All in just one hour! This video is a testament to Dave’s incredible design knowledge and his expository skill in explaining obtuse engineering concepts. You rarely get to look over the shoulder of someone this accomplished. Even more rare is Dave’s ability to deliver incredible clarity with such improvisational aplomb. It is well worth your time to watch.


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