Friday Video: Sparkfun unleashes mobile, robotic potato cannon and tears down a digital caliper (How do those work?)

Once again, the guys at Sparkfun in Boulder, Colorado are having way, way too much fun. First, they have a new $15 digital vernier caliper to sell you. But they don’t just show you one for sale, they tear it apart on video. Ever wonder how these electronic wonders work, giving you fractional millimeter accuracy for small change? Me  too. Now I know and I’d never have guessed how the system worked.

Next, Sparkfun has a new, rugged, metal 6-wheel robotic chassis to sell you. It’s got independent suspension, 6-wheel drive, and plenty of room for inboard electronics. Again, they’re not going to just show it to you, they’re going to explain how the companion motor-drive controller is designed and constructed. Then they’re going to build a mobile potato cannon out of it.

Way…toooooo…much…fun, for a Friday video.


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