DATE workshop on facing dependability challenges at nanoscale. Can we still build ‘em perfect?

With notable exceptions such as flight avionics, most of system design is built on the assumption that systems will be manufactured perfectly and that they will stay perfect, given proper preventative maintenance. As we ride down the Moore’s Law curve to nanoscale integration (which we’re already well into), we find that things aren’t perfect. Memory and FPGA vendors have long put redundant rows and columns into their designs to fix manufacturing problems at the device level. One line of thinking is that we will need to go more in that direction at the system level as well. We will need to build dependability into our system designs, not just depend on having that happen. Adoption of more comprehensive system-development tools will be a big part of that effort.

A workshop being held at the DATE conference in Europe on March 16 will delve into the latest thinking about dependable design. The DATE conference itself is being held March 12-16 in Dresden, Germany.

More information about the workshop here.


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