Real Case History: Virtual Platform shrinks embedded software debug and troubleshooting time from days to minutes

This new blog by Jason Andrews (an Architect at Cadence who specializes in hardware/software coverification and embedded software) recounts the experience of one software engineer, stymied by a problem running on a real prototype, who switched to a Virtual Platform version of the prototype and found the problem in less than 30 minutes after spending days trying to find the problem with the actual hardware.

How could this happen?

Simple. A Virtual Platform gives the development team far more visibility and infinitely more control over a system design by the very nature of its virtuality. Any state is within reach. Any condition can trigger data collection. And the capture buffer can be incredibly deep. It’s like having a specialized form of MRI diagnostics for an embedded design. Embedded systems developers in the 1980s and 1990s could only dream of getting in-circuit emulators and logic analyzers with these capabilities.

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