Friday Video: OK Go, pop music’s answer to Rube Goldberg, adds fifth band member—a Chevy Sonic

This music video premiered in a Chevrolet ad during the recent Super Bowl. The pop music band OK Go is famous for its improvised macro-machines that play music. In this video, the foursome straps into a new Chevy Sonic subcompact that’s been equipped with multiple swing-out arms that play instruments as the Sonic zips past them at speeds of 40-60 MPH. The band use a large stretch of southern California desert as the backdrop with a number of outlandish stretches of bulldozed road containing a cacophony of pianos stood on end, single-string bass fiddles made from bright blue 55-gallon plastic drums, guitars suspended from poles, and open tunnels filled with a tympanic variety of metal pans, glass bottles, and tuned metal strips and pipes.

Can a car play musical instruments? Watch.

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