IEEE Computer Society Lecture—Creating System-On-Chips: Mixing HW & SW Successfully

As soon as we started to incorporate processors on ASICs, thus instantly creating SoCs, hardware/software integration issues became fully intertwined with chip design. Today, we routinely put a dozen or more firmware-driven processing elements on our SoCs so the issues are even more complex. The EDA360 vision document recognized this and Cadence is now organized as an EDA company that deals with these integration challenges front and center. On Tuesday, March 13, Stuart Swan will discuss the successful creation of complex systems based on the mixing of SoCs and software. Swan is a Senior Architect in the Systems Solutions Group at Cadence Design Systems, helped develop the SystemC standard, and has more than twenty years of experience in the EDA industry. This talk is part of the stellar ongoing free lecture series sponsored Silicon Valley Chapter of the IEEE Computer Society, which meets monthly.

There is also pizza involved for a nominal fee.

Click here.


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