Friday Video: Want the basics of PCB design in 45 minutes? Dave Jones delivers yet again with a free tutorial.

Well, Dave Jones is at it again. This time, he’s recorded the screen of his PC as he lays out his power lab supply board. In 45 minutes, you will be able look over Dave’s shoulder and hear him discuss many hard-earned tricks of the trade. You’d need to design PCBs for a few years before you reach this level of expertise, so a 45-minute tutorial is a bargain in time. Plus, it’s free.

Because Dave knows (and I know) that you don’t want to watch all the hours that go into a PCB design, he sped up the video by 10x, narrated it, and posted it on YouTube.

Now Dave used a PCB package from Altium to make this video, but his advice on PCB layout transcends any specific design package. If you’d like to try out a professional PCB layout package, you can download a free trial-sized version of OrCAD PCB Designer Lite. Just click here.


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