3D Thursday (late): Qualcomm’s Riko Radojcic to keynote 3D Friday at EDPS in Monterey, April 6

EDPS—the world’s “best” conference devoted to discussing the processes needed for advanced electronic design—is dedicating its entire second day (Friday, April 6) to 3D IC topics. The just-announced keynote speaker is Riko Radojcic, Director of Design for Silicon Initiatives at Qualcomm. Radojcic has more than 25 years of experience in leading teams to with a focus on design–process integration and “design-for-X” engineering. He’s been a director at Qualcomm for more than six years.

Radojcic’s keynote subject is “Roadmap for Design and EDA Infrastructure for 3D Products.” Qualcomm is neck-deep in semiconductor design for mobile communications, which means high manufacturing volumes, voracious cost-management requirements, and steep competition among big and emerging players. All of these needs inform and drive Radojcic’s perspective, so his keynote promises to be extremely interesting.

This talk provides unique access to some powerful insight and you can only hear this presentation at EDPS, being held in Monterey, California on April 5 and 6.

Now would be a most excellent time to register, don’t you think? Time grows short. You can get more information about other significant EDPS presentations and panels and register here.


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