[Friday Video] iFixit tears down an iPad 3 4G LTE using spudger, heat gun, and guitar picks. Finds new processor, more RAM, new battery, etc.

Those folks at iFixit stop at nearly nothing to be the first to tear apart shiny new toys like the new Apple iPad (the iPad formerly known as the iPad 3). They flew to Australia to get a new iPad hours before it went on sale in the US. You can find the resulting made-in-Australia teardown photos on the iFixit site but I recommend you start your Friday by watching MJ of iFixit talk and walk you through the major findings in the video below.

Briefly, some of the major changes you’ll hear and read about are the new iPad A5X processor with dual-core ARM CPU and a quad-core GPU (see this detailed analysis from Chipworks), double the RAM (1Gbyte), nearly double the battery capacity, a 3Mpixel “Retina” display, and a greatly upgraded camera.


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