Memcon 2012 call for presentation submissions

Memcon 2012 will take place at the Santa Clara Convention Center in the heart of Silicon Valley on Tuesday, September 2012. This is the biggest conference in the world devoted to the use and manufacture of semiconductor memory (RAM, NAND and NOR Flash, more experimental memory technologies, etc.). It’s too early to register but not at all too early to submit a presentation proposal. We’re looking for cutting-edge presentations on all aspects of semiconductor memory design, manufacture, and use so if you’re associated with the semiconductor memory industry, you will want to present at Memcon 2012.

Why? Because hundreds of executives, technical thought leaders, engineers, press, and analysts will be sitting in the audience hanging on your every word. How do I know? That’s how is always is with Memcon.

You can get complete submission info on the call here.

The submission deadline is April 6. Time to jump on this opportunity. Like now!


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