Want more information on ARM’s view of the server landscape? Attend EDPS on April 5

In just a couple of weeks, plus a day or two, ARM’s Director of Server Systems and Ecosystem Ian Ferguson will be presenting ARM’s views about the server market in the “Low-Power with Performance” session of the EDPS Workshop. With the new initiatives ARM has started to discuss in the server arena, this talk promises to be extremely interesting. The title of the talk is “Energy Efficient Servers for the Data Center” and Ferguson has certainly given us a great teaser for the presentation:

“ARM believes that this market will become increasingly segmented from the point of view of the types of workloads and software running on these systems. Innovation in SoC is just the start. Flexibility in on-chip functionality opens up possibilities to define other areas of efficiency.”

I suspect you’ll want to be at EDPS in Monterey, California on April 6. Registration info is here.


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