A Chevy Volt; 22,000 miles; and two revealed truths—EETimes’ “Drive for Innovation” Visits Cadence San Jose

Last week, EETimes’ Brian Fuller visited Cadence in San Jose during his “Drive for Innovation” in a new Chevy Volt. Fuller has driven more than 20,000 miles all across the United States to find out what’s really happening with today’s domestic electronics industry. Joe Hupcey III, the fastest videographer in EDA marketing, interviewed Brian and has posted a 4-minute video of that interview. Two of the most surprising bits of information from that interview:

  1. Fuller was excited by the amount of innovation taking place across America and was stunned by the gulf between the “full-speed ahead” attitude he’s found on his travels and the dismally conflicting reportage of the situation in the dour mainstream general press.
  2. The Chevy Volt is the most comfortable car Brian has ever driven.

Here’s the video:

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