Free live discussion on how you can develop the next great EDA company with host and perennial EDA VC Jim Hogan

EDAC is sponsoring a new live discussion series on emerging companies in the EDA industry. The first of these events takes place on May 31 in San Jose at the Silicon Valley Bank on Tasman near Great America Parkway. The host/moderator for the event is Jim Hogan, the larger-than-life venture capitalist who was there when the stone blocks for EDA’s foundation were first assembled. His two guest speakers for this first EDAC event are serial entrepreneurs Dean Drako, President and CEO of IC Manage, and Ravi Subramanian, President and CEO of Berkeley Design Automation.

“It’s a conversation,” says Hogan. “It’s not a lecture. It’s not a marketing pitch.” It’s successful entrepreneurs and a VC trying to sew the seeds for the next great EDA startups.

If this sort of discussion and networking opportunity appeals to you, then you’d best sign up now because the auditorium at Silicon Valley Bank where this event is taking place just ain’t that big. Silicon Valley Bank and are co-sponsoring the event.

Register here.

And here’s a video with Jim Hogan’s personal invitation to you:

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