Are you preparing for 20nm design? This FREE On-Demand Webinar can help.

Last week ARM, TSMC, and Cadence held a Webinar on 20nm design covering three main points:

  1. Its adoption is inevitable.
  2. The design and manufacturing challenges are significant.
  3. The challenges are manageable given the right tools and methodologies, and solutions are becoming available now.

You can read Richard Goering’s Industry Insights blog post, which provides more in-depth analysis of the event (See “Cadence, ARM and TSMC Reveal 20nm Challenges and Solutions”) and you can watch the archived, on-demand version of the hour-long event at your convenience. Just click here.

As the blurb says: “Find out what it takes to enable foundry-optimized, higher-performance, lower-power designs at 20nm.”


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