Friday Video: Mr. 3D IC, Herb Reiter, speaks about his start with 3D, where it is, where it’s going

I conducted this video interview with Herb Reiter, “Mr. 3D IC” and president of eda2asic, the day after he spoke at a MEPTEC lunch in Silicon Valley—see “3D Thursday: The “King of 3D ICs” (Herb Reiter) speaks to his subjects—‘Learn to work together’”)—to give him a chance to elaborate on some of the topics he briefly discussed at the luncheon. Reiter has spent four years furthering the cause of 3D IC development at GSA and Sematech. In the first half of the video, Reiter discusses how and why he came to champion 3D IC assembly and in the second half, he talks about the state of the art today and where we’re going with the technology.


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