Need a better way to visualize and track verification metrics? Learn how this Wednesday. Free.

You have only hours to sign up for a free Webinar on using the Cadence Incisive Metric Center taking place this coming Wednesday at noon (US Eastern Time).

“What’s that?” you might ask.

The Incisive Metrics Center simplifies the way you visualize and analyze verification metrics. It works with the Cadence Incisive and Palladium verification platforms and helps your team to quickly converge on your project’s coverage goals. It helps you achieve verification closure more efficiently.

The Incisive Metric Center supports all HDL metric types from all major languages including Verilog and VHDL as well as functional coverage metrics from SystemVerilog, SystemC, and Specman e testbenches. In addition, you can use assertions written in either SystemVerilog or PSL. Here’s a helpful chart:

If that sounds like it might make your job easier, then sign up for the Webinar, now.

Sign up here.


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