Whether or not you’re using their devices, you might want to get this CriticalBlue embedded multicore software training, courtesy of Freescale

For $99—breakfast, lunch, and hardware included—you can get a day’s worth of exposure to CriticalBlue’s approach to embedded multicore software development. According to Microprocessor Report, CriticalBlue’s Prism is “a code-analysis tool that helps developers extract thread-level and system-level parallelism from legacy programs written in sequential code.” The event is being underwritten by Freescale, which is bundling a TWR-P1025 Tower System based on the Freescale QorIQ P1025 dual-core processor with the course. ($199 value, included with the tuition price.)

You have four chances and North American venues to choose from:

  • August 6 in Portland, Oregon
  • August 8 in San Jose, California
  • August 23 in Huntsville, Alabama
  • September 25 in Ottawa, Ontario (Canada’s capital city for you who are geographically challenged)

It looks like the training involves a lot of hands-on labs. Check it out here.


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