Friday Video: Taco Bell makes lemonade (and Tacos) for Bethel, Alaska. Helicopter airlifts taco truck full of tacos

A recent news item discussed a hoax perpetrated on the people living in Bethel, Alaska  (population 6080) that led them to believe they were getting a Taco Bell Restaurant. Alas, it was not to be. Bethel is 340 miles (550 km) from Anchorage and probably too small for a full-time Taco Bell franchise.

But not too big for a taco truck packed with 10,000 Taco Bell tacos.

Ah, but how to get the taco truck to Bethel? Drive it? Someone at Taco Bell put on their marketing genius hat, rented a helicopter, flew the taco truck to Bethel, landed it in front of the gathered townsfolk, and then filmed it.

Here, then, is Taco Bell’s “Operation: Alaska”:

Now that is fast food.

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