ARM, TSMC announce collaboration on FINfet-based ARM v8 processor core for sub-20nm SoC designs

Today, ARM and TSMC announced a multi-year deal to develop a 64-bit ARM v8 processor “beyond” the 20nm node using FINfets. The collaboration includes the ARMv8 architecture, ARM Artisan physical IP, and TSMC’s FinFET process technology. The target of this collaboration is the design of SoCs for use in mobile and enterprise markets. Coincidentally, Richard Goering has just discussed the technical aspects of using FINfets below 20nm in his latest blog, “FinFETs, Tri-Gate Transistors Promise Low Power – But Pose Some Design Challenges.” You might want to take a look.

For more information on FINfets, see “Are FinFETs inevitable at 20nm? “Yes, no, maybe” says Professor Chenming Hu.”


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