How to program all of those SoC processor cores? Answers from Jim Ready. Free event, September 18.

While we can stamp out processors galore on an advanced-node SoC, programming those processors is another matter entirely. Yet “multicore” and “many-core” SoC designs are the in-vogue approach to processing performance. How to solve this dilemma?

Get a glimpse of one approach from Jim Ready, who has been very active in embedded operating systems since developing the world’s first commercially viable RTOS—VRTX—and offering it through his company Ready Systems starting in 1980. Since then, Ready has stayed with the embedded OS market, most recently as founder of embedded Linux pioneer MontaVista Software. Ready is currently the Chief Technology Advisor for Software & Embedded Systems at Cadence.

On Tuesday, September 18, Ready will give a presentation titled “Beyond Virtualization: A Novel Software Architecture for Complex Multi-Core SoCs” to the IEEE-CNSV (Consultants’ Network of Silicon Valley). The event will be held at the KeyPoint Credit Union in Santa Clara, CA. The talk is free and you don’t even need to register. Just show up at 7 pm. The location is 2805 Bowers Ave, Santa Clara, CA.

This is a great opportunity to hear one of the most insightful experts on advanced embedded software that you’re likely to find. More information here.


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