Looking for an introductory Verilog book? How’s $24.95 sound?

Bob Zeidman, founder and president of Zeidman Consulting, has just published the third edition of his book “Introduction to Verilog.” It was first published a dozen years ago and is based on the Verilog seminars that Zeidman has given at conferences around the world.. You can buy the hardcover for $495 (I hope it’s got a hand-tooled leather book jacket and a gold bookmark for that price) or the more reasonably priced paperback edition for $24.95.

If you want to get a sense of Zeidman’s writing style before acquiring the book, download an excerpt from the book here. Remember, this is an introductory book. If you don’t need it, perhaps you know someone who does.

You can get a look inside the book and order it at Amazon.

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