Download a free PDF of the Mixed-signal Methodology Guide, Chapter 1: Design Trends and Challenges

A couple of days ago, I let you know that Cadence had just published a comprehensive book on mixed-signal SoC design and verification. The book’s title is the “Mixed-Signal Methodology Guide,” written by the top mixed-signal design experts from across the industry. The authors work at companies that are currently pushing the boundaries of mixed-signal SoC development including Boeing, Cadence, ClioSoft, and Qualcomm.

I also gave a pointer to a location on where you could read the book’s first chapter online. However, I didn’t think that was enough for the EDA360 Insider’s readers. So I requested and got a PDF of that chapter, which covers:

  • Mixed-Signal Verification
  • Behavioral Modeling
  • Low-Power Verification
  • Design for Test
  • Chip Planning
  • AMS IP Reuse
  • Full-Chip Signoff
  • Substrate Noise
  • IC/Package Co-Design
  • Design Collaboration and Data Management

You can download the PDF by clicking on this link: Mixed-Signal Methodology Book Chapter 1. No tricks. No registration. Just click on the link and get the PDF. Immediate gratification ‘R us.

I think you’ll want to read this first book chapter and then I hope you’ll order the book here where it’s currently on sale at 40% off!

As a reminder, here’s the list of book chapters:

Chapter 1: Mixed-Signal Design Trends and Challenges
Chapter 2: Overview of Mixed-Signal Design Methodologies
Chapter 3: AMS Behavioral Modeling
Chapter 4: Mixed-Signal Verification Methodology
Chapter 5: A Practical Methodology for Verifying RF Designs
Chapter 6: Event-Driven Time-Domain Behavioral Modeling of Phase-Locked Loops
Chapter 7: Verifying Digitally-Assisted Analog Designs
Chapter 8: Mixed-Signal Physical Implementation Methodology
Chapter 9: Electrically-Aware Design Methodologies for Advanced Process Nodes
Chapter 10: IC Package Co-Design for Mixed-Signal Systems
Chapter 11: Data Management for Mixed-Signal Designs


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