TI Stellaris promo features ARM Cortex-M4F dev board for $4.99—or possibly free

You’ve got a little more than a month to sign up for a $4.99 TI Stellaris Launch Pad Dev board based on the ARM Cortex-M4F processor core. Register and you get on the list to purchase a board for $4.99 but 25 registrants get the board for free.

Key features of the TI Stellaris microcontrollers include:

  • IEEE754-compliant, single-precision floating-point capability at 80 MHz
  • SIMD instructions
  • As much as 256Kbytes of embedded flash memory and 32Kbytes of SRAM
  • Low-power modes including power-saving hibernate
  • As many as two 12-bit 1MSPS ADCs and 24 analog input channels of
  • As many as two CAN controllers
  • Optional full-speed USB 2.0 with device, host, and OTG
  • Advanced motion control capability, with as many as 16 motion control PWM outputs and two quadrature encoder interfaces
  • As many as eight UARTs, six I2C, ports, and four SPI/SSI ports

That’s a lot for a fiver.

Here’s the heavy-metal teaser video for the Stellaris Launch Pad dev board:

Register here.


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1 Response to TI Stellaris promo features ARM Cortex-M4F dev board for $4.99—or possibly free

  1. asimkumar says:

    No OTG with launchpad as the Controller do’t have OTG/H support

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