Friday Video: Eyeing the eye of 5Gbps USB 3.0 signals with a 13GHz digital scope

Before he has to return his 13GHz, 40Gsamples/sec Agilent 90000 series loaner scope (Digital Signal Analyzer) and its equally pricey test probes, Dave Jones uses it to check out the 5Gbps USB 3.0 signaling and signal integrity in a new USB 3.0 Super Speed RAID storage peripheral. If you haven’t yet seen much about this latest multi-Gbps version of USB, this video is a painless opportunity to see what’s what. As Dave noodles around on the scope’s touch screen, he pulls up a respectable eye diagram in a couple of minutes and continuously drops many little bits of valuable high-speed signaling info along the way.

Dave admits he’s never read the USB 3.0 spec during this video. It consumes many hundreds of pages. If you happen to be designing an SoC with USB 3.0, you also might not have time to read the spec. That’s where USB 3.0 verification IP comes in. Check out one such product here.


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