Great Googlie Mooglies! Kickstarter funds Arduino work-alike based on Freescale Kinetis K microcontroller (ARM Cortex-M4)

Kickstarter, a funding force of nature in the cyberscape, is funding the small-scale production of an Arduino-like development board based on a Freescale Kinetis K microcontroller (ARM Cortex-M4 processor core inside). More than 500 backers have pledged nearly $23,000 $31,000 to fund the project, the brainchild of Paul Stoffregen of Sherwood, OR. Stoffregen sought $5000 to make the project real, so the project is nearly 5x more than 6x oversubscribed with 11 10 days left to go in the funding cycle.

In case you’ve been living in a coal mine for the past couple of years, is a big, ongoing experiment in crowdsourced funding or crowdfunding. High-tech projects sometimes do well and although Stoffregen hasn’t garnered millions of dollars like some projects, he’s got way more than enough for this idea.

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