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If Aladdin’s Genie lived in a Computer-on-Module, it might look like the Gumstix Overo

One of the funniest lines in the 1992 animated Disney movie “Aladdin” is when the frenetic blue Genie, voiced by the incredible Robin Williams, describes his situation: “PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWERS; Itty-bitty living space,” referring to his life in a lamp. … Continue reading

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39 low-cost boards for embedded Linux application development starting with Raspberry Pi. Want the list?

Thanks to Google+, I just found this very interesting list of 39 low-cost development boards supporting embedded Linux development. Most of these boards cost less than US $200 and many of them cost less than US $100. The list was … Continue reading

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Some critical considerations for SoC and Silicon Realization teams thinking about using ARM Cortex-A7 or ARM Cortex-A8 processor cores

ARM sort of dropped the introduction of the ARM Cortex-A7 processor core out of the sky a couple of weeks ago (see “ARM drops Cortex-A7 core on unsuspecting market, devastates low-power SoC and application-processor landscapes. What’s it all mean?”), so … Continue reading

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