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How to program all of those SoC processor cores? Answers from Jim Ready. Free event, September 18.

While we can stamp out processors galore on an advanced-node SoC, programming those processors is another matter entirely. Yet “multicore” and “many-core” SoC designs are the in-vogue approach to processing performance. How to solve this dilemma? Get a glimpse of … Continue reading

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Whether or not you’re using their devices, you might want to get this CriticalBlue embedded multicore software training, courtesy of Freescale

For $99—breakfast, lunch, and hardware included—you can get a day’s worth of exposure to CriticalBlue’s approach to embedded multicore software development. According to Microprocessor Report, CriticalBlue’s Prism is “a code-analysis tool that helps developers extract thread-level and system-level parallelism from … Continue reading

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Moore’s Law: Wanted, Dead or Alive

Moore’s Law is not dead but the vital signs have clearly changed. That was the key message I heard from Dr. Subramanian Iyer, Fellow and Chief Technologist at the IBM Systems & Technology Group, during the GSA Silicon Summit held … Continue reading

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Nvidia Tegra 3 based on five ARM Cortex-A9 cores is mobile processor of the year declares Microprocessor Report

This week in the Microprocessor Report, the Linley Group announced its Analysts’ Choice Award winners and declared the Nvidia Tegra 3 to be the top mobile processor announced in 2011. As published in the article announcing the winners: “Choosing the … Continue reading

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Friday Video: Samsung helps you visualize the benefits of multiple cores

For most engineers, the benefits of having multiple processor cores seem pretty obvious. More resources can do more in less time. However, if you still have trouble visualizing the advantages, here’s Samsung’s 30-second video to clarify things:

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Friday Video: Adobe develops new CPU-cycle-burning Photoshop app that’s sure to please customers—automated image deblurring

We have all shot our share of bad, blurred images. Dim light stretches shutter speeds and our subsequent handheld images look like we’ve consumed far too many Jello shots. (That’s just a theoretical statement, of course.) Automated deblurring of such … Continue reading

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Friday Video: How can automotive apps benefit from multicore chips?

In this short 3.5-minute video, Freescale Systems Engineer Richard Soja explains why automotive applications need multicore processors and how System Realization teams can benefit from using multicore chips. This video was made in connection with the rollout of the Freescale … Continue reading

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