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3D Thursday: How about a closeup of the Avago MiniPOD optical interconnect on the Altera Optical FPGA?

I just posted a blog entry about the Altera Optical FPGA that pumped 100Gigabit/sec Ethernet (GbE) traffic through a 3D-package-on-package-mounted, 12-channel optical interconnect device from Avago. (See “3D Thursday: Altera adds Avago MicroPOD optical interconnects to FPGA package to handle … Continue reading


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3D Thursday: 40G and 100G optical Ethernet—Killer 3D app? Perhaps. Compelling? Definitely.

I’ve written several times about Wide I/O DRAM and how its speed and power advantages make it a slam dunk and killer app for 3D IC assembly. I saw another such 3D IC killer app this week at the Ethernet … Continue reading

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Cadence announces synthesizable 40G and 100G Ethernet Controller, PCS, and BEAN (Backplane Ethernet Auto-Negotiation) IP

In conjunction with this week’s Ethernet Technology Summit being held in San Jose, Cadence has announced commercial availability of MAC (Media Access Control), PCS (Physical Coding Sublayer) and BEAN (Backplane Ethernet Auto-Negotiation) IP blocks. The 40/100G MAC controller is fully … Continue reading

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