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3D Thursday: Is 2.5D IC assembly “buzz-worthy”?

I’ve written several times about the Xilinx Virtex-7 2000T FPGA that uses 2.5D IC assembly techniques to form four FPGA die into one FPGA package with two million logic cells. (See “3D Thursday: Generation-jumping 2.5D Xilinx Virtex-7 2000T FPGA delivers … Continue reading

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3D Thursday: How Xilinx developed a 2.5D strategy for making the world’s largest FPGA and what the company might do next with the technology

Two weeks ago, I moderated a 3D IC panel at the 9th International SoC Conference in Newport Beach, California. Last week, I wrote about the first two speakers. (See “3D Thursday: Where can you start with 3D?” and “3D Thursday: … Continue reading

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