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There’s a solar eclipse coming. Here’s a test shot from a Canon 60D dSLR, a Spiratone 400mm Sharpshooter, and a 2x telextender.

The EDA360 Insider is going on vacation soon and will be dead center in the path of the solar eclipse on May 20. In preparation, I tried out my photo equipment today to see if I’ll be able to capture … Continue reading

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Can an $8.48 app sell $500 tablets and smartphones? You betcha!

A fundamental premise of EDA360 is that software now sells hardware. The self-evident proof of this statement is obvious everywhere from smartphone apps to apps running on tablets and HDTVs. People buy these products because apps give hardware the flexibility … Continue reading

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Friday Video: Japanese pop music video lit by Arduino and about $300,000 worth of Canon 60D cameras

OK, I’ve not seen this before. Japanese pop group Androp just made a video of their new song Bright Siren and lit the video entirely with a super-sized array of 250 computer-controlled Canon 60D dSLR still cameras and attached flash … Continue reading

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