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Daniel Nenni in SemiWiki: 20nm is like mango beer. Surprisingly, “very good!!!”

Well this is a strange analogy that would never occur to me. Daniel Nenni in his new SemiWiki post compares the 20nm process node to—of all things—mango beer. He writes: “As it turns out, the mango beer is very good! … Continue reading

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Friday Video: App pours beer from phone

OK, can’t touch this, yet. Another fantasy from an American beer brewer. Tip of the hat to Steve Brown at Cadence for the lead to the video!

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Friday Video (Grand Finale Bonus): Machine fills 56 beer cups in 1 minute. Now that’s an app

This Bottoms Up Draft Beer Dispensing System is from GrinOn Industries  (keep your grin on) and it dispenses beer from the bottom up into special cups. Filling from the bottom prevents serious problems like excess foam and spillage and eases … Continue reading

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