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3D Thursday: Cypress subsidiary Deca Technologies is onto making silicon interposers for 2.5D packaging in a big way. What if 2.5D got really cheap?

Last week, Deca Technologies unstealthed. I found out through an article in the San Jose Mercury News. Deca is an independent subsidiary of Cypress Semiconductor. I zipped to the Deca Web site (once I located it), and found this quote … Continue reading

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Need an ARM-based 32-bit microcontroller? There’s more than a few full houses on offer.

When 17 microcontroller vendors pick your processor architecture, you have a right to sing “Something’s happening here.” Alban Rampon of ARM just published a blog entry titled “ARM Cortex-M—How could you choose your microcontroller?” This blog entry lists 17 semiconductor … Continue reading

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Between ASIC and microcontroller: It’s all about System Realization

I’ve been saving on an article that appeared in EETimes for a couple of weeks because it makes some very cogent points about System Realization, even though it’s not written with System Realization, or SoC Realization, or even Silicon Realization … Continue reading

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