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Friday Video: A personal invitation to Memcon from Sanjay Srivastava

Want to know why you need to be at Memcon this year? Here’s Denali Software founder Sanjay Srivastava to tell you why: Now go and sign up! It’s a free ticket and includes breakfast, lunch, and some goodies—not to mention … Continue reading

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3D Thursday: Wide I/O and TSVs have a ripple effect on the DRAM controller. Who knew?

Currently, the JEDEC Wide I/O DRAM specification looks to be the biggest driving force behind the adoption of 3D IC assembly. The 512-bit data maw of a Wide I/O SDRAM provides high bandwidth with low power levels, both excellent arguments … Continue reading

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Moore’s Law: Wanted, Dead or Alive

Moore’s Law is not dead but the vital signs have clearly changed. That was the key message I heard from Dr. Subramanian Iyer, Fellow and Chief Technologist at the IBM Systems & Technology Group, during the GSA Silicon Summit held … Continue reading

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Want to know more about the Micron Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC)? How about its terabit/sec data rate?

Last week, I quoted Ann Steffora Mutschler’s article about the information that Micron has revealed about it’s 3D Hybrid Memory Cube. Now that I’ve got the paper Micron presented at last week’s Hot Chips 23 conference, I’d like to explain … Continue reading

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3D Thursday: A look at some genuine 3D NAND cells, courtesy of Micron

Glen Hawk, Vice President of the NAND Solutions Group at Micron, was giving the usual polished corporate keynote presentation at this week’s Flash Memory Summit held in Santa Clara, CA. Suddenly, his level tone of voice changed and he got … Continue reading

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