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Real Case History: Virtual Platform shrinks embedded software debug and troubleshooting time from days to minutes

This new blog by Jason Andrews (an Architect at Cadence who specializes in hardware/software coverification and embedded software) recounts the experience of one software engineer, stymied by a problem running on a real prototype, who switched to a Virtual Platform … Continue reading

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Fast serial I/O—What’s its future in the embedded world?

Tom Williams, Editor-in-Chief of RTC Magazine, recently published an editorial titled “Fast Serial Interconnects— Will They Bypass Embedded or Bring it Along?” In this editorial, Williams ponders the question of fast I/O port suitability for embedded design. He writes: “Once … Continue reading

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Is it all about the [embedded] apps like EDA360 says? ARM and Avnet open an online software store for embedded developers

In a very surprising move first thing today at the ARM TechCon 2011 event, Avnet Electronics Marketing and ARM announced a new Embedded Software Store where you can search for, purchase, and download embedded software and development tools for ARM … Continue reading

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Friday Video: What if you made the only embedded system of its type in the world? Meet the world’s last pinball maker

Stern is the last pinball game manufacturer in the world. Listen to the current CEO explain how he stays in business as the last manufacturer of this particular embedded system. (Sorry about the pre-roll ad. It’s the only way to … Continue reading

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