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Professor Chenming Hu talks FinFETs and FDSOI at the GSA Silicon Summit

Chenming Hu, TSMC Distinguished Chair Professor of Microelectronics at University of California at Berkeley gave a keynote talk on FinFETs and FDSOI (fully depleted silicon on insulator) today at the GSA Silicon Summit held at the Computer History Museum in … Continue reading


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Power, Performance, Cost. FDSOI lets you pick any three. Want proof? How about an ARM Cortex-M0 processor core example?

Last week, the first session of the International SoC Conference focused on FDSOI (fully depleted silicon-on-insulator) IC fabrication. Now if your thinking resembles mine before I watched this presentation, you think that FDSOI is an advanced IC-fabrication process that gives … Continue reading

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3D Thursday: More words on the Intel FinFETs (this time from Ron Wilson at EETimes)

Last month, I wrote a couple of articles on FinFETs, those 3D structures coming to some 20nm chips soon to be near you—like in your PC. See “Are FinFETs inevitable at 20nm? “Yes, no, maybe” says Professor Chenming Hu (Part … Continue reading

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