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Friday Video: Hex-footed robot transforms from beach ball to crab, insect, or battle droid and back.

Watching the MorpHex robot transform from one movement mode to the next is a study in mechanical ballet. I’ve never seen a robot with so may modes of movement. It looks like it’s partly inspired by one of George Lucas’ … Continue reading

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Friday Video: Can’t seem to help myself today. Now its Darth Vader’s theme played by floppy drives

Forty-two seconds of inspired musical lunacy and the expense of George Lucas. May the farce be with you this weekend.

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Friday Video (Bonus 3): Students at Adelaide University replicate inherently unstable Star Wars ground vehicle, then add stability

When George Lucas’ animation team creates the fantastic vehicles in the Star Wars films, they can selectively ignore the laws of physics. In the movies, they can depend on non-existent engineering artifacts such as antimatter power generators and antigravity fields … Continue reading

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