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Do you think Moore’s Law has become irrelevant? “Yes,” says HP Research Fellow Stan Williams

Thanks to this article from TechEye.Net, I was alerted to an extremely interesting roundtable discussion organized by the Kavli Foundation by three long-range nanotechnology research experts. The three experts are HP Research Fellow Stan Williams, director of the company’s Cognitive … Continue reading


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More news on the asymmetric processing SoC front

Back in October during ARM TechCon, Freescale announced plans to produce a family of chips based on a platform built around a pair of asymmetric processor cores: the ARM Cortex-A5 and Cortex-M4. Freescale’s dual-core approach is similar in concept to … Continue reading

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PCI Express takes on Apple/Intel Thunderbolt and 16 Gtransfers/sec at PCI SIG while PCIe Gen 3 starts to power up

Two articles from EETimes give an exciting picture for PCI Express’ short- and long-term future. On the most immediate front, 23 adapter cards and 19 systems from PC and peripheral makers participated in the most recent PCIe Gen 3 plugfests. … Continue reading

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Friday Video: Think apps are just for pads and phones? Think again–CNET video review of HP D110a printer

It’s easy to see how apps are good for pads and phones, now that we’ve got years of examples to learn from. However, apps are going into far more products that those two. Take printers for example. Here’s a CNET … Continue reading

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