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[Friday Video] iFixit tears down an iPad 3 4G LTE using spudger, heat gun, and guitar picks. Finds new processor, more RAM, new battery, etc.

Those folks at iFixit stop at nearly nothing to be the first to tear apart shiny new toys like the new Apple iPad (the iPad formerly known as the iPad 3). They flew to Australia to get a new iPad … Continue reading

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Friday Video: Apple iPhone 4S teardown by iFixIt

If you’re curious about a range of Apple iPhone 4S technical topics from what’s changed from the Apple iPhone 4 to why can’t “lesser” iPhones run Siri, then take a look at this video from iFixIt:

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Apple iPhone 4S: How about a peek under the hood?

Friday was the first day to get your hands on an Apple iPhone 4S. I saw a photo in the San Jose Mercury News of Steve “Woz” Wozniak sitting in a lawn chair camped out at a local Apple store. … Continue reading

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