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After Silicon, SoC, and System Realization comes Dynasty Realization

The EDA360 vision document divides the world of electronic design into Silicon, SoC, and System Realization. It’s a product-oriented view and it has pushed all EDA vendors to embrace what designers always knew: product design is hard from the chip … Continue reading


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Apps-driven: Are mobile phones the agents of creative destruction?

EETimes editor Dylan McGrath published a really interesting article today about the demise of the Flip video camera. The article is titled “What’s Next?” and it starts out by exploring Cisco’s sudden termination of the entire product line it got … Continue reading

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It was nearly ten years ago today, that Apple taught the iPod to play…

And in those ten years, one of the biggest killer apps in all of music app-dom couldn’t be sold in Apple’s iTunes store. You couldn’t buy a Beatles tune from Apple—a corporate echo from the decades-long, on-and-off feud between Apple … Continue reading

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Apps-Driven: John Sculley on Steve Jobs as Apple’s System Designer

“Steve is a systems designer. He simplifies complexity.” That’s one of the ways John Sculley, outcast former Apple CEO, describes Steve Jobs in a Bloomberg Businessweek interview. In another recent interview published on Cult of Mac, Sculley lists Jobs’ 11-step … Continue reading

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