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Friday Video: Dave Jones’ Amazon Kindle Fire teardown reveals several System Realization secrets

Everyone enjoys a good product teardown and no one does them better than Dave Jones, who publishes the EEVBlog. This week, Dave tore into the new Amazon Kindle Fire tablet and reveals a few juicy tidbits from its system design. … Continue reading

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Friday video (early): Secrets of the Kindle Fire! EDA360 in action

Think you can guess how well the Kindle Fire works from the specs? Dual processor. Android. 7-inch screen. Cloud-assisted Amazon Silk Web browser. Think that defines everything? Think you can directly compare the Kindle Fire against the Apple iPad this … Continue reading


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What’s unique about the new $199 Android-based Amazon Kindle Fire tablet?

Is it the toughened Gorilla-Glass screen? Nope. Is it the dual-core processor? Nope. Is it the “cloud-accelerated” Amazon Silk browser? Nope. Is it the 8-hour battery life? Certainly not. Is it the unified email inbox? Getting warmer. Is it the … Continue reading

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