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Friday Video: “2001—A Space Odyssey” compressed to 76 seconds and built with Legos

Who would have thought you could build Stanley Kubrick’s spaceship models from the movie “2001” using Lego bricks? Who would have thought you could compress the entire movie to 76 seconds and lose essentially none of the plot? Spite Your … Continue reading

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Tales from the EDA CEOs: The EDAC panel talks about IP and SoC integration, power, and other topics

Richard Goering has written up last week’s EDA CEO panel, sponsored by EDAC (the EDA Consortium). The panel took place at the Silicon Valley Bank’s headquarters in Santa Clara, California and featured CEOs from four EDA companies—Cadence (Lip-Bu Tan), Gradient … Continue reading


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Friday Video: Multicore, ARM-powered CubeStormer II solved Rubik’s Cube puzzle in world-beating 4.762 seconds

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a video of the ARM-powered CubeStormer II, a robotic mechanism constructed from four Lego Mindstorm NXT kits, that’s purpose-built to unscramble Rubik’s Cubes in the minimum amount of time. The CubeStormer II envelops … Continue reading

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Friday Video: Rubik’s Cube puzzle solved with Lego Mindstorms robot and… Cadence Incisive Formal Verifier???

Normally, you don’t use a formal verification tool to solve puzzles like Rubik’s Cube and you also don’t normally connect the verification tool to a robot. No, things are usually more cut and dried than that. However, there’s nothing that … Continue reading

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