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Heterogeneous SoC design gets its own foundation backed by heavy hitters. Good things sure to follow

I am an unabashed advocate of heterogeneous SoC design. Have been for decades. It’s a system-level design approach that lacks the elegance and academic symmetry of homogeneous processing in exchange for a more efficient, bare-metal, hard-core approach to system design … Continue reading

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Moore’s Law: Wanted, Dead or Alive

Moore’s Law is not dead but the vital signs have clearly changed. That was the key message I heard from Dr. Subramanian Iyer, Fellow and Chief Technologist at the IBM Systems & Technology Group, during the GSA Silicon Summit held … Continue reading

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ISQED: Why does a trailing-edge digital IC process = a leading-edge analog IC process? TI’s Dr. Venu Menon lays bare the secrets of the analog IC business

“What can you do with bits?” asked Dr. Venu Menon, VP of Analog Technology Development at Texas Instruments at the beginning of his keynote talk at last week’s ISQED. Then he answered his own question: “Nothing without analog,” because analog … Continue reading

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3D Thursday: TSMC talks more about Moore, More than Moore, and 3D ICs at CDNLive!

Rick Cassidy, president of TSMC North America, gave a keynote speech at CDNLive! Silicon Valley this week and discussed 3D IC assembly in the context of Moore’s Law. “I think we can actually beat Moore,” he said after discussing planar … Continue reading

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What can 20MW Exascale computers teach us about SoC Realization?

I regularly write about Deepak Sekar’s blogs and his latest entry about a talk given by NVIDIA’s Chief Scientist Bill Dally is causing me to quote from Sekar’s blog once again. Sekar is MonolithIC 3D’s Chief Scientist, so I suppose … Continue reading

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Processor Wars: NVIDIA reveals a phantom fifth ARM Cortex-A9 processor core in Kal-El mobile processor IC. Guess why it’s there?

NVIDIA has extended the path to many-core design by publishing a White Paper that reveals the existence of a fifth ARM Cortex-A9 processor core in the company’s previously discussed Kal-El mobile processor. This fifth processor core implements what the company … Continue reading

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