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Friday Video: A brief history of PDAs with system-design tips through three teardowns

Once more, Australia’s Dave Jones has produces an eminently watchable and helpful video where he tears down three PDAs from 1986, 1996, and 2004: A Psion Organiser, a US Robotics Palm Pilot 5000, and an HP iPaq. Over two decades, … Continue reading

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Friday Video: Ready for a little mobile phone teardown archaeology? Dave Jones compares state of the art in 1994 (Motorola) with an evolved 2000 (Nokia)

Teardowns are incredibly useful for learning what’s been tried before. Dave Jones is king of the teardowns in the sense that he not only takes a product apart, he also observes and explains the underlying importance of what we see … Continue reading

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CNN reviews Droid Bionic 4G handset: “first 4G home run” thanks to some spectacular System Realization

Jonathan Geller over on the CNN Web site has just published a review of the new Motorola Droid Bionic 4G cellular handset. There are two paragraphs in this review that really caught my eye: “The Bionic is the first Verizon … Continue reading

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Google’s planned purchase of Motorola Mobility is a pure EDA360 play: Software drives Hardware

When I told my good friend David Thon that Google’s planned purchase of smartphone maker Motorola Mobility was a pure EDA360 play, he invited me to explain. In simplest terms, EDA360 posits that software now drives hardware in the processor-centric … Continue reading


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