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Want to see the future of low-power SoC design? Have a look into Gary Smith’s crystal ball.

Last week at the Electronic Design Process Symposium held in Monterey, EDA analyst Gary Smith put together a session on low-power design and he prefaced the other presentations with one of his own showing where he though the improvements in … Continue reading

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Friday Video: Samsung helps you visualize the benefits of multiple cores

For most engineers, the benefits of having multiple processor cores seem pretty obvious. More resources can do more in less time. However, if you still have trouble visualizing the advantages, here’s Samsung’s 30-second video to clarify things:

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3D Week: Wide I/O SDRAM, Network on Chip, Multicore, TSV, Asynchronous Logic—3D SoC stack from CEA-Leti and ST-Ericsson hits all the advanced notes. Can you say “Tour de Force”?

Yesterday, at the RTI 3D Conference, Pascal Vivet from CEA-Leti and Vincent Guérin from ST-Ericsson unveiled a 3D IC project that represents a real Tour de Force of cutting-edge system technology. The quest starts with a key question: “What’s the … Continue reading

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Asymmetric, dual-core NXP LPC4300 microcontrollers split tasks between ARM Cortex-M4 and -M0 cores, cost $3.75 and up

NXP Semiconductors announced today that it is now shipping its first LPC4300 dual-core, ARM-based microcontroller—the LPC4350. This microcontroller family packs an asymmetrical pair of 32-bit RISC ARM Cores—an ARM Cortex-M4 and an ARM Cortex-M0—with both processors runing at 204MHz (up … Continue reading

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AppliedMicro demos FPGA emulation of multicore server chip based on new 64-bit ARMv8 architecture

OK, well that didn’t take very long at all. Minutes after ARM rolled out the 64-bit ARMv8 architecture announcement at ARM TechCon 2011, AMCC announced that it will be producing a multicore server chip dubbed “X-Gene” based on the new … Continue reading

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