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Daniel Nenni at SemiWiki publishes a [very] brief history of the SoC

Daniel Nenni has just posted a very brief history of the SoC, with heavy emphasis on SoCs for mobile products. The emphasis is probably warranted because mobile designs really have driven SoC design for the past decade. One of the … Continue reading

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Android-based, open-source gaming venture OUYA raises nearly $5 million on Kickstarter (so far, 22 days left to fund)

Gamers are passionate. This time, they’re passionate enough to more than completely fund game console startup OUYA’s drive to produce in volume what it’s already prototyped: an open game console for the television. If you’re not a gamer, you might … Continue reading


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So soon? Lenovo announces ARM- and x86-based tablets. An early skirmish in the war for PC processor sockets?

For the last two days, I’ve written about the ramifications of the IHS iSuppli report on ARM processor penetration into the PC market. (See “IHS iSuppli predicts that ARM CPUs will grab nearly 25% of the PC market by the … Continue reading

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