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3D Thursday: Lessons learned from the IMEC’s 3D DRAM-on-logic chip design work

I recently covered the groundbreaking WIOMING 3D chip design done by CEA-Imec in conjunction with ST-Ericsson. (See “3D Week: Wide I/O SDRAM, Network on Chip, Multicore, TSV, Asynchronous Logic—3D SoC stack from CEA-Leti and ST-Ericsson hits all the advanced notes. … Continue reading


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3D Thursday: IMEC prototypes 3D chip stack, finds some thermal surprises

Imec and several of its 3D integration partners (Globalfoundries, Intel, Micron, Panasonic, Samsung, TSMC, Fujitsu, Sony, Amkor, and Qualcomm) have fabricated a 3-chip 3D IC stack demonstration prototype with the intent of proving several assembly methods plus electrical characteristics and … Continue reading

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