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How many SSDs does it take to saturate PCIe Gen 3? Would you believe 16 drives?

It’s now possible to conduct some interesting performance tests on real PCIe Gen 3 products and the video below shows you a PCIe Gen 3 RAID card talking to 16 SSDs, which is the number of drives needed to saturate … Continue reading

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LeCroy’s “Basic” Edition Advisor T3 USB 3.0 Protocol Analyzer costs $2995

The latest USB buzz has notebook computers with SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports becoming common by mid year, thanks to last week’s announcement of USB 3.0 protocol support in Intel’s 7-Series chipset for current-generation Intel Core processors and next-generation Ivy Bridge … Continue reading


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3D Thursday: Intel and FinFETs (Tri-Gate transistors)—a different kind of 3D

Earlier this month, Intel announced that it will be using Tri-Gate transistors (FinFETs) to build microprocessors at the 22nm process node. The microprocessor is code-named “Ivy Bridge.” It will be a 22nm version of the company’s Sandy Bridge processor and … Continue reading

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