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Daniel Nenni at SemiWiki publishes a [very] brief history of the SoC

Daniel Nenni has just posted a very brief history of the SoC, with heavy emphasis on SoCs for mobile products. The emphasis is probably warranted because mobile designs really have driven SoC design for the past decade. One of the … Continue reading

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Daniel Nenni in SemiWiki: 20nm is like mango beer. Surprisingly, “very good!!!”

Well this is a strange analogy that would never occur to me. Daniel Nenni in his new SemiWiki post compares the 20nm process node to—of all things—mango beer. He writes: “As it turns out, the mango beer is very good! … Continue reading

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3D Thursday: Daniel Nenni writes about Intel FinFETs

FinFETs are hot this week (no pun intended). Ron Wilson published an article about FinFETs on the EETimes Web site and Daniel Nenni has done the same on his SemiWiki.com site. It’s worthwhile reading, particularly for insights such as these … Continue reading

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A bit of SoC Realization wisdom from Paul McLellan

Industry analyst, EDA investor, and author of “EDA Graffiti”—those are just a few of Paul McLellan’s qualifications. He just published a pithy comment on SoC Realization and its realities over on the SemiWiki site. I commend it to your attention.

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